Our Total Engagement and Mental Fitness Philosophy

This is the foundation of Our Total Engagement philosophy that ensures all permanent, temporary and contract assignments are managed effectively across all trades, disciplines and industry sectors. Every company is different, which is why we work with you to construct innovative, tailor-made, cost-effective workforce solutions that will help your bottom line while increasing efficiency and productivity. ​

Creating a totally engaged, mentally fit workplace will result in:

  • Less workers compensation claims
  • Increased productivity

  • Less absenteeism

  • Greater Profitability

  • Increased retention rate

  • Increase in company sales

Why Engage with us?

Open Communication

​Communication is key in any workplace. We believe contentment, resilience and confidence can all be enhanced through honest and meaningful communication. We practice, facilitate and develop communication strategies in businesses so that everyone feels valued. When employees thrive, so do businesses.

Workplace Continuous Improvement

Employees who develop and contribute to improvements at work increase their value in the business as well as the value of the business. We promote and drive continuous improvement programs and watch the benefits grow in the workplace, through all workers and by the business.

A different kind of Training

Our training focuses on how our Team Members and your employees can be drivers in the workplace and not just seen as a number or a cog in the wheel but a valued member of the organisation. Our Mental Fitness programs help to get our Team Members into a space of gratitude and clarity. We find that people who are grateful often think about what they can do for others, they are intentional and have a sense of purpose in their work.

Confidential Employee Assistance Program

Our Team Members know that we have their best interests at heart and they can feel a sense of comfort knowing they have a place to turn to should they ever need it.

Community Relations Program

We practice and facilitate community engagement through volunteering at a Soup Kitchen, sorting clothes for Good Sammy’s, assisting at aged care facilities, assisting people with disabilities; volunteering with sporting clubs. We believe in ‘Giving back’. What are the benefits? Community programs like these enable people to focus on the less fortunate which in turn leaves the carer feeling good about their offering and can add a sense of worth – not only toward those in need but also themselves. People are given the opportunity to think like leaders whilst gaining a sense of connection with their community and workplace.

Talent Acquisition Services

At Merge, we offer businesses across the country in a variety of industries simple and straightforward solutions based around our Total Engagement philosophy.

Sourcing talent doesn’t need to be expensive, complicated or risky. At Merge, we are looking to provide tailored solutions that fit with your needs and budget, regardless of assignment. Simply put, we can help with any stage of Talent Acquisition process, whether it be putting together role descriptions, screening candidates or working with you on a full search campaign, we can tailor our services accordingly.  Our experienced team of highly skilled individuals have worked across Mining and Industrial, Manufacturing, Health Care, Oil and Gas, Civil and Construction and Infrastructure industries and our talent pooling expertise built over the last 10 years allows us to source and select the right person and importantly the right fit for your business.  As part of our promise to you, we offer pricing guarantees that manage the risk to you.

Workforce and Planning Services

At Merge we can help you fully understand what people, skills and structures you need to meet future service delivery demands in your organisation. Responses to economic and labour market conditions, restructuring or need for new business strategies are business scenarios that we help you effectively manage to minimise risks and maintain productivity. We work with you to design and deliver strategies, policies and actions that maximise opportunities for building, attracting and retaining a skilled and capable workforce.

How it can help your organisation

At Merge, we’ve developed a rigorous recruitment and on boarding process based upon our Total Engagement Philosophy that ensures a resilient, flexible and responsive workforce is available to you 24/7. We focus on building strong working relationships with our extensive talent pools so that we can integrate their talent with your business, reducing time to hire and adding to your productivity.

Talent Pooling

Being able to scale up your workforce capacity to be able to take advantage of new opportunities gives you a major competitive edge. At Merge we recognise that to grow and adapt, the organisation’s leadership must recognise the value developing talent pools of people with with highly sought after skills and who are are already performing well and highly engaged in their workplace – these potential employees are not usually found in the usual channels of advertised roles. We engage with potential candidates, building relationships ensuring that you have a selection of highly qualified people for roles as and when they are needed.

How it can help your organisation

Competition for good talent is fierce. Merge will help you to be proactive, developing a strategy that supports your organisation meet its strategic workforce planning objectives. Our Total Engagement process helps you select the right team member, in a shorter time frame, each time they are required.

​At Merge we know that more than ever before, recognition that the people in your organisation are an essential asset who contribute to development and growth and a resource that can drive organisations and economies to achieve high levels of financial return and profitability.

​Call us today for a coffee and a chat about how we can merge our solutions seamlessly into your business.

Payroll and Contract Management

Most organisations today recognise that people are what drive value, Merge focuses on the importance of adopting an integrated Total Engagement strategic approach to managing people by planning and developing HR strategies. We help organisations to understand the importance of having HR processes and initiatives as part of an overall people strategy, making sure that they are aligned with and designed to assist in achieving human resource long-term business goals and outcomes.

How it can help your organisation

We do all the hard work for you, we sort out all taxes and benefits of each and every engineering contractor or temporary worker