The recruitment industry is undergoing a transformation. Dramatic advances in technology have bought great efficiencies to businesses however in some cases, it has exacerbated the disconnect between employees and employers.

That’s why Merge are at the cutting edge of redefining the way you engage your workforce. We’re daring to be different, because total engagement is driven by you: the business owner, the manager, the HR professional, the trades assistant, the project director, the labourer,the engineer, the boilermaker – every person at every level.
Two key practises set us apart as innovators in the workforce solution space: that of ensuring all of our people are mentally fit, resilient, and ready for work; and our policy of total engagement with our clients and our team members at all levels. We focus on the big picture by providing you with highly effective solutions and long-term cost benefits from start to finish.

​Merge has a highly mobile Client Engagement team who actively support our partner companies all over Australia. Merge’s Head office is located in Perth, Western Australia.

Our Values

Best Workforce Solution in WA - About Us - Merge Group

Mental Fitness

A job is a significant mental, physical and time commitment. At Merge we believe a healthy work environment is created by healthy, mentally fit and engaged individuals who are respected and valued equally.

Best Workforce Solution in WA - About Us - Merge Group


At Merge, it starts with you and then follows through to your dealings with everyone else. Honesty and integrity gives you the freedom to be the best ‘you’ and creates an open workplace based on trust.

Best Workforce Solution in WA - About Us - Merge Group

Hard Work

Our work ethic is unmatched in the industry. Hard work is our standard. Striving to exceed expectations, going the extra mile and giving your very best every day will be recognised by the group and rewarded.

Best Workforce Solution in WA - About Us - Merge Group

Community Responsibility

We support initiatives and charities as part of our responsibility to our community. Committed to pursuing a sustainable workplace, we actively implement strategies that will reduce our impact on the environment.

Best Workforce Solution in WA - About Us - Merge Group


Respect is our core value. We respect the integrity and hard work of our team members, and their right to be mentally fit and happy in their jobs, alongside our clients’ need for efficient and productive workplaces.

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